I’m always the last to know anything, but this is a very helpful site for creatives and well anyone really.

So here is the golden circle of prettyism. Why. How. What.

I don’t really explain why I make art, because the art is the why. When I say it’s about the process I’m not being pretentious, I mean it’s about the human experience. To me everything matters, from  the miraculous to the mundane. Because the things we think, feel, do, all that happens to us, is important. And finally of all we experience, I believe love is the most important.

Narrative arts (like comics or visual poetry) provide  the most complete creative experience. Specifically shoujo manga (Japanese girls comics) have an emotional intensity that is unparalleled.  Maybe because internal action is just as important as external action.  Either way, it just draws me in.

Books are the best vehicle for the process, because they’re just wonderful.  Books give us experiences that we wouldn’t have otherwise.  Books were there for me, when no one else was.  Is there anything better than getting lost in the pages of a good book? I make books because I enjoy reading them.

And there it is.

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