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Character Spotlight: Solar Chiara

pretty prince of angels
pretty prince of angels

In the previous post, I noted that Solar Chiara is a true immortal, which made him (yes that’s a guy)  a target of demons and angels alike. Until Star and Nova were born, Solar had no one he could trust.  While he couldn’t be hurt physically, this took an emotion toll on him.  His quest to wipe out demonkind rekindled when they tried to kill his siblings, but soon consumed him. He decided the Empire of Light would never be safe until the demons were eradicated.

Then the Dark Empire invaded, proving his fears to be true.  The Dark Empire had vastly superior weapons (think WW2 weaponry vs. bows and arrows) and were winning, until they went up against the high angels(think WW2 weaponry vs super saiyans). Then the Bizimwi (half demons/half humans) were brought in and things escalated even more. Solar left the war front looking for his brother and sister, by the time he returned the Dark Empire had all but won, he then used the chiavo to seal off the Empire of Light. Using the chiavo would have killed anyone else,somehow he survived,  but lost his invulnerability.

The Dark Empire doesn’t know what happened to Solar, they fear he will return someday to wipe them all out. And they’re right, Solar is slowly  healing and will return to his full strength, but this process isn’t fast enough for him. He wants to find the chiavo and use it to heal himself and then destroy the Dark Empire. Then take Star and Nova out for ice cream, yes that’s his plan.

Randomness: Solar doesn’t kill humans, there have been at least an 1000 attempts on his life, he’s terrible at cards games, and changes his hairstyle more than a pop diva.

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