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NanoMango or NanoWrimo, but comics…

rules are here


I will start drawing Edge of Dawn, the next Legacy of Light installment.  The story picks up right after Zero Hour, with Mezine trying to help Star recover her memories.  We also go more indepth into the angel and demon factions who are all residing in Sunset.   And since I love overdoing it I will be writing the final draft of  DreamCaster Kiara. The premise is that Kiara is chosen(by the powers that be) to be the next dreamcaster and  defend our world against living nightmares, but the agents of D.R.E.A.M. attack her to take the power for themselves.  Shoujo bubbles and cherry blossoms abound.

I will be at FandomCon in Fort Walton Beach , so yeah November should be crazy fun, emphasis on crazy.


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