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2020 Cons

Trying to go out a meet people more. I will have tables at the following events.02/22 Tally Zinefest TallyCon https://www.tallahasseecon.com05/29 QFX East https://www.qfxevents.com06/06 Infinitycon Current projects Learning to Fly (Songbirds Saga) Untitled Poetry Book , probably just call it Rainbows…Edge of Dawn (Legacy of Light) Untitled Art Book (Dollytopia)


My Little Pony Fair

Going to be at the My Little Pony Fair on June 27th & 28th in Tampa, FL. Selling mostly pony related dolls & art. Hope to see you there

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Latest Doll Daisuke Emyr

Daisuke is the main character from Infinite Blossom. He likes sleeping, eating and fighting. I’m still working on the designs for his brother Chibale.


Free Comic Book Day

Get the background on some of the dolls        

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National Poetry Month 2018

Samples from two different projects. Blue is from a series of bishonen dolls based on colors.  Stardust is part of the Star Sea Ponies (working title) series.

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Tallahassee Comic Con

I’ll be in the artist alley over the weekend. Stop by and say hi if you’re there.  

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Megacon Tampa Bay

I’ll be in the Megacon Tampa Bay artist alley at table at table A303. Thanks to Irma I didn’t have time to prepare. Stop by and see me any ways, we can talk about random fandom stuff.  

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Upcoming Cons

Sort of settled in to Tampa Bay, now.  There’s a lot more to do here, but my work commute is about an hour -_- I’m confirmed in the artist alley for, Independent Creator Connection Con 07/01/2017 Cocoa, FL Epic Con 08/19/2017 Albany GA I also applied to Megacon Tampa Bay , Tallahassee Comic Con…… Continue reading Upcoming Cons