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NanoWrimo 2017

I’m working on Dissonance this month, volume 5 of Songbirds. I’ve been putting it off because I get really into my stories, which takes an emotional toll.  The DreamTrack should give you idea of the over all tone.  You may want to grab some Kleenex.


Halloween’s Next Month

Enjoy some Fractured Butterflies I am still working on my comics but, my current job takes up about 10 hours of my day with the commute. And of course I’m happy to have a job and pay bills but, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else.    I post when I can to 

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Free Ebook Infinite Blossom

When his brother is lured into the forest by a mysterious voice, Daisuke must rescue Chibale from certain death, but that is only the beginning of the dangers that await them. These cat boys are about to find out why they have been hidden away their entire lives. Get ready for a neko tale full…… Continue reading Free Ebook Infinite Blossom

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Winter Break

I will resume publishing comics next year, once I figure some things out. Right now comics is a really expensive, time devouring hobby, not a business. There’s a lot of things I need to nail down, like the purpose of my books basically, and then take it from there.  I’ll keep posting my in progress…… Continue reading Winter Break


November Calendar & Nanowrimo

Here’s your November calendar.  I’ll be spending nanowrimo prepping for the next 5 years of making comics. I want to finish Songbirds, but take care of a few other stories before giving my life over to that story.


Shop Sale & Current Projects.

Use the coupon code “20OFF5” to save 20% off purchases of $5 or more. It seems I’ve been quiet for a while, but I am doing the prework that goes into making comics right now. If people are interested I can post script snippets and thumbnails to instagram. Drawing Edge of Dawn (Legacy of Light…… Continue reading Shop Sale & Current Projects.

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Inktober and Calendar

Here’s the October calendar. I’ve also decided to do a half-marathon for inktober, while I get my webcomics in order. You can follow my progress on instagram.  

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Learning to Fly Episode 1 available now Learning to Fly Episode one is up on kindle for $1.99.  It collects the most recent webcomic I’ve been drawing from the series. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to get the Fly Away with Me Art book for free. The third quarter of 2015 is almost over, and it has been really intense.…… Continue reading Learning to Fly Episode 1 available now