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2020 Cons

Trying to go out a meet people more. I will have tables at the following events.02/22 Tally Zinefest TallyCon https://www.tallahasseecon.com05/29 QFX East https://www.qfxevents.com06/06 Infinitycon Current projects Learning to Fly (Songbirds Saga) Untitled Poetry Book , probably just call it Rainbows…Edge of Dawn (Legacy of Light) Untitled Art Book (Dollytopia)

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Megacon Tampa Bay

I’ll be in the Megacon Tampa Bay artist alley at table at table A303. Thanks to Irma I didn’t have time to prepare. Stop by and see me any ways, we can talk about random fandom stuff.  

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Upcoming Cons

Sort of settled in to Tampa Bay, now.  There’s a lot more to do here, but my work commute is about an hour -_- I’m confirmed in the artist alley for, Independent Creator Connection Con 07/01/2017 Cocoa, FL Epic Con 08/19/2017 Albany GA I also applied to Megacon Tampa Bay , Tallahassee Comic Con…… Continue reading Upcoming Cons

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Monday Market Place August 03 2015

I’ve been playing around with society6’s  all over t-shirts and like the results so far.   I’ll reserve final judgement until I receive them, though.

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Market Monday July 26 2015

Still fanart heavy from Grand Brony Gala left overs.  Which was the best con ever! I seem to do better at smaller cons more. The attendees were great and so was the staff, I hope to get back next year 🙂     As of now of now just working on my webcomics update for…… Continue reading Market Monday July 26 2015

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Prettyism Market Monday June 29 2015

I’m a little injured (it involved stitches and lots of tears) so I didn’t do as much as I wanted. I’ve added an old pic people liked to redbubble and finished some non pony fanart for the grand brony gala. I’ll have these as prints and dog tags, I really enjoyed painting them, hopefully other…… Continue reading Prettyism Market Monday June 29 2015

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Monday Marketplace June 15, 2015

Only have one new design up at redbubble I’m really happy they’ve added new products:) Mostly I’ve been doing fan art for the upcoming grand brony gala.  My fanart tags and prints are at     Working on…..  


Calendar and Post Momocon

was in a deadzone in the artist alley, so sales were meh.  The people who did come by were awesome though (so many lovely cosplayers) & as usual I was lucky to have wonderful artists sitting next to me. The next and last? con for this year will be the Grand Brony Gala. I may…… Continue reading Calendar and Post Momocon

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Free Comic Book Day 2015 and May Calendar

 Here’s your May calendar. It’s Gavin and Zione from Songbirds, because I’m working on that series this month. Will  have some pages posted this soon. Follow my progress on instagram     Infinite Blossom is at    and Edge of Dawn is at Both these books will be available for free on May 2nd at the…… Continue reading Free Comic Book Day 2015 and May Calendar

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Grand Brony Gala Next Week

Making final preparations for the con. I wasn’t procrastinating for a change I just got a lot of orders in my store in the last month 🙂 which are all going towards my computer fund.  I will be selling the usual, dolls, dog tags, stickers,  books and prints.  If you’re going, stop by and say…… Continue reading Grand Brony Gala Next Week