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Rain and Rainbows Wallpaper

Here’s a wallpaper for you. More Nandi girls A picture from one of the many books I’m working on.  Also put it on a pillow, which will totally match my living room…  

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Post Nano Updates

Drew 32 pages, 70 panels, and after a short break inked and shaded about 10 pages in November.  Also have about 8 pages left in the catboy story I’m drawing.  I can see why a lot of comics & manga are created by a team. I love writing, storyboarding, & drawing the story, but everything…… Continue reading Post Nano Updates

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Free! or that Swimming Anime

I finally started watching it, for the bishies  and several fujoshi told me I HAD to watch it,  but it’s pretty good.  And a nice break from the trauma that is Attack on Titan (that show will break me, but I keep watching). So Free! is basically a shojo sports anime with  fan service and…… Continue reading Free! or that Swimming Anime

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Back to Rule

So it’s time for back to school, or back to rule in this guy’s case. Loki was the number one suggestion of who to draw next.  I guess he does have a certain charm to go along with those homicidal tendencies I may do a few more Avengers related pieces before Pensacola Paracon, hope to see… Continue… Continue reading Back to Rule

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Magical Girls and Metrocon

Still prepping for the con, I’ve heard good things about this one so I’m looking forward to it. I need a replacement for Megacon anyways. I’ll will have for sale Dolls $12-30 There is still time to preorder dolls on my etsy site Commissions/ Custom art starts at $10 for bw single chibi style character…… Continue reading Magical Girls and Metrocon

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Lovely Commission

I really like drawing commissions, but then I tend to freak out and nitpick on every little part of the drawing.  I just want them to be happy, so I stress about it. I also enjoy the challenge because it helps me to grow as an artist. So back to drawing comics and planning for Metrocon…… Continue reading Lovely Commission

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Free BL ebook

I’m  back to drawing now, the opening 3 scenes from Broken Wings issue 4, and don’t forget you can get Broken Wings 3 for free for the next few days. I’d like some feedback so far on the story so far, if anyone has time. I have about 3-4 pages left to draw, so it’s…… Continue reading Free BL ebook

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Drawing Board 01/14/2011

Three days off so I better get to work! 5 pages to paint in. Finishing up the flashback of the fire and then more on Gavin and his long lost brother. Will he be a friend or foe? And when the heck is he going to find Zione? This book is coming in in March…… Continue reading Drawing Board 01/14/2011