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National Poetry Month 2018

Samples from two different projects. Blue is from a series of bishonen dolls based on colors.  Stardust is part of the Star Sea Ponies (working title) series.

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Free Kindle Books for Memorial Day Weekend

I, Doll Artbook available May 23rd to 25th Infinite Blossom, Graphic Novel May 23rd to 25th All I Want, Visual Poetry Book May 25th For the fujoshi/fudanshi Fly Away with Me, Boyslove Artbook, May 23rd to 25th Antea Camena Boyslove Grapic Novel May 23rd to 25th

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National Poetry Month and Torment

Can I count you like the sands?  I feel slipping through my hands. I want to hold you like a ray, of some long forgotten day… I wish this moment  would always last.  I’d give up the future to relive the past. I meant to do more for National Poetry Month, but the cons kept…… Continue reading National Poetry Month and Torment

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The Fool visual poetry

The Fool Visual Poem    Not sure if I uploaded this before, but since Valentine’s Day is next month, might as well set the tone 😛 This is an image song from Legacy of Light (you’ll have to guess which character though) and one of the poems in my One Last Thing book. Um, the lyrics…… Continue reading The Fool visual poetry

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Never to Return (visual poetry)

So if you were in a good mood… This is a song from Broken Wings when Gavin has a flashback to the day his parents died. Though it also applies to the general motif of loss that is running through the story, as well. .


One Moment and National Poetry Month

It’s national poetry month, so I’m gonna use this as a chance to to study poetry more. I write poems but I don’t know a lot about the art form, since I spent the last decade learning to draw. This one has always sold at conventions, not sure why, it’s another image song from Legacy…… Continue reading One Moment and National Poetry Month



This is the opening song for Legacy of Light, I still plan to work on this story even though it’s not near as popular as Songbirds. I think part of the problem is I’ve always thought of Legacy as an anime (and in full color), so I may change some things for the next book.