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Megacon Tampa Bay

I’ll be in the Megacon Tampa Bay artist alley at table at table A303. Thanks to Irma I didn’t have time to prepare. Stop by and see me any ways, we can talk about random fandom stuff.  

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NanoWrimo 2017

I’m working on Dissonance this month, volume 5 of Songbirds. I’ve been putting it off because I get really into my stories, which takes an emotional toll.  The DreamTrack should give you idea of the over all tone.  You may want to grab some Kleenex.

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Winter Break

I will resume publishing comics next year, once I figure some things out. Right now comics is a really expensive, time devouring hobby, not a business. There’s a lot of things I need to nail down, like the purpose of my books basically, and then take it from there.  I’ll keep posting my in progress…… Continue reading Winter Break

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Free! or that Swimming Anime

I finally started watching it, for the bishies  and several fujoshi told me I HAD to watch it,  but it’s pretty good.  And a nice break from the trauma that is Attack on Titan (that show will break me, but I keep watching). So Free! is basically a shojo sports anime with  fan service and…… Continue reading Free! or that Swimming Anime

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National Poetry Month and Torment

Can I count you like the sands?  I feel slipping through my hands. I want to hold you like a ray, of some long forgotten day… I wish this moment  would always last.  I’d give up the future to relive the past. I meant to do more for National Poetry Month, but the cons kept…… Continue reading National Poetry Month and Torment

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Post Convention & Free Comic Book Day 2014

Kinda of slept on this year, but I’m offering a few copies of  Zero Hour for those who want it. Also had a great time at Altcon and Freecon, but wonder how people handle multiple conventions in a row, I’m beat after just these two. Or maybe I just fangirled too much 🙂 I’ll be…… Continue reading Post Convention & Free Comic Book Day 2014

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The Fool visual poetry

The Fool Visual Poem    Not sure if I uploaded this before, but since Valentine’s Day is next month, might as well set the tone 😛 This is an image song from Legacy of Light (you’ll have to guess which character though) and one of the poems in my One Last Thing book. Um, the lyrics…… Continue reading The Fool visual poetry


Legacy of Light Casting

Supposed to be drawing, but I’m posting some people who I think should  play characters from Legacy of Light. Star Chiara, I really like Jordan Richardson, idk Mezine Scuron,  I always think of Daigo 🙂 And either an opening or closing song would be Kremlin Dusk!