My Little Pony Fair

Going to be at the My Little Pony Fair on June 27th & 28th in Tampa, FL. Selling mostly pony related dolls & art. Hope to see you there


Free Comic Book Day

Get the background on some of the dolls   http://a.co/6ltkcNr http://a.co/1OYIPcE http://a.co/4seFKOP        

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National Poetry Month 2018

Samples from two different projects. Blue is from a series of bishonen dolls based on colors.  Stardust is part of the Star Sea Ponies (working title) series.

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Upcoming Cons

Sort of settled in to Tampa Bay, now.  There’s a lot more to do here, but my work commute is about an hour -_- I’m confirmed in the artist alley for, Independent Creator Connection Con 07/01/2017 http://www.iccon3.com/ Cocoa, FL Epic Con 08/19/2017 http://www.epicon-ga.com/ Albany GA I also applied to Megacon Tampa Bay , Tallahassee Comic Con…… Continue reading Upcoming Cons


Creating Comics and More

I took down the page I had on creating comics, but most of the information and more can be found on my pinboard.  I’ve always created sequential art, but found there were very few resources for telling the emotional stories I wanted to tell. Until the manga boom, I turned to film, animation, and mostly…… Continue reading Creating Comics and More

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2017 is a go

Cause I was done with 2016 a long time ago. Updated the site design and focus. I will keep illustrating fiction of course, but I’ve gotten the most feedback when it comes to my dolls and doll related works.  Lots of people love dolls, myself included. I’m working on the next Dollytopia book. No name…… Continue reading 2017 is a go


Halloween’s Next Month

Enjoy some Fractured Butterflies https://youtu.be/aI6oKmdioy8 I am still working on my comics but, my current job takes up about 10 hours of my day with the commute. And of course I’m happy to have a job and pay bills but, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else.    I post when I can to https://www.instagram.com/prettyism/ 

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Winter Break

I will resume publishing comics next year, once I figure some things out. Right now comics is a really expensive, time devouring hobby, not a business. There’s a lot of things I need to nail down, like the purpose of my books basically, and then take it from there.  I’ll keep posting my in progress…… Continue reading Winter Break