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Tallahassee Comic Con

I’ll be in the artist alley over the weekend. Stop by and say hi if you’re there.  

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Megacon Tampa Bay

I’ll be in the Megacon Tampa Bay artist alley at table at table A303. Thanks to Irma I didn’t have time to prepare. Stop by and see me any ways, we can talk about random fandom stuff.  

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Prettyism Market Monday June 29 2015

I’m a little injured (it involved stitches and lots of tears) so I didn’t do as much as I wanted. I’ve added an old pic people liked to redbubble and finished some non pony fanart for the grand brony gala. I’ll have these as prints and dog tags, I really enjoyed painting them, hopefully other…… Continue reading Prettyism Market Monday June 29 2015


March Calendar and Comics update

The magical cat boy story is finally up at smackjeeves and tapastic  So that makes four series I got going on.  I will catch up to CLAMP someday, as soon as I get my Time-Turner 🙂 Here’s a March Calendar of said  Cat boys. I will be at two conventions this month Altcon on 03/14 and Freecon on 03/28.…… Continue reading March Calendar and Comics update

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Grand Brony Gala Next Week

Making final preparations for the con. I wasn’t procrastinating for a change I just got a lot of orders in my store in the last month 🙂 which are all going towards my computer fund.  I will be selling the usual, dolls, dog tags, stickers,  books and prints.  If you’re going, stop by and say…… Continue reading Grand Brony Gala Next Week

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Momocon and new artbooks

Momocon is next week I’ll be at Green 24. I also released two artbooks (basically collections of art, poems and scenes) that are now on in the amazon kindle store.  I will have about 4 copies of each for the convention. I will also be selling dolls, stickers, and necklaces. Stop by and say hi…… Continue reading Momocon and new artbooks

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2014 conventions

I am only confirmed for three so far. altcon  in April I’m already taking doll orders for anyone attending 🙂 Momocon in May grand galoping brony gala in August I’m waiting on  or trying for Ultracon still trying to get the funds for this one Freecon applied and waiting (fingers crossed) Metrocon Gli Expo application isn’t… Continue… Continue reading 2014 conventions


Gli Expo around the corner

So I signed up for a steampunk convention, not even knowing what it was really about. Should be fun though, I will have my usual items books, dogtags, dolls and of course commissions at table B16 on November 9th & 10th. . I will probably cosplay as Fluttershy on Sunday,  and Hello Kitty Uhura…… Continue reading Gli Expo around the corner

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Post Pensacola Paracon

It was a party alright 🙂 I had a great time there, and met lots of lovely people as usual. My next con is Gli-Expo in November so now I shall go and finish drawing  Broken Wings…I didn’t forget, but conclusions always take me longer for some reason. And I seem to be on some…… Continue reading Post Pensacola Paracon

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Post Metrocon

What happens at the con…I had a great time, and was lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful people at the artist alley. But now on to Pensacola Paracon which is really close, though not sure of my table assignment. Please remember I can not make dolls on site, so order ahead of time and…… Continue reading Post Metrocon