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Happy Yaoi Day & August Calendar

Most of the Songbirds  books are free today on amazon kindle at  This is my most popular story by far.  Who knew so many people would want to read a mashup of Flowers in the Attic & Gravitation?   If you want to start at the beginning and suffer through my early art Fly Away…… Continue reading Happy Yaoi Day & August Calendar

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Webcomics Weekend

I really didn’t think I’d update due to a death in the family, but apparently I can’t stop drawing… 4 more pages up at Smackjeeves or the mobile friendly tapastic We’ll definitely be seeing more of the obligatory rival band Dios in pages to come. Their lead singer sounds a lot like Gackt   We’ll…… Continue reading Webcomics Weekend


Calendar and Post Momocon

was in a deadzone in the artist alley, so sales were meh.  The people who did come by were awesome though (so many lovely cosplayers) & as usual I was lucky to have wonderful artists sitting next to me. The next and last? con for this year will be the Grand Brony Gala. I may…… Continue reading Calendar and Post Momocon

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Free Kindle Books for Memorial Day Weekend

I, Doll Artbook available May 23rd to 25th Infinite Blossom, Graphic Novel May 23rd to 25th All I Want, Visual Poetry Book May 25th For the fujoshi/fudanshi Fly Away with Me, Boyslove Artbook, May 23rd to 25th Antea Camena Boyslove Grapic Novel May 23rd to 25th

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Momocon and new artbooks

Momocon is next week I’ll be at Green 24. I also released two artbooks (basically collections of art, poems and scenes) that are now on in the amazon kindle store.  I will have about 4 copies of each for the convention. I will also be selling dolls, stickers, and necklaces. Stop by and say hi…… Continue reading Momocon and new artbooks


Webcomics ?

My problem has always been I have a lot of story ideas and I draw way too slow, even when I’m healthy.  I was attending a panel, when one creator said he ended up at least doing storyboards for his ideas and putting them in binders, so I’ve been trying that out.  I’ve been using…… Continue reading Webcomics ?

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Character Spotlight: Zione & Alan Tempest

Wrapping up the Songbirds Character spotlights, today. Zione Tempest is an outgoing and ambitious musician. He went from rags to riches when the Tempests adopted him at the age of 10. Since then he’s lived a very privileged life, there is literally nothing they couldn’t buy, except for the one thing he wants the most,…… Continue reading Character Spotlight: Zione & Alan Tempest

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Character Spotlight: Gavin Star

I don’t know if it’s possible to have two main characters for a story? Gavin Star tells the story for the most part through out the first Songbirds book, but Zione sets a lot of the events in action. Gavin is really passive at the beginning (I know bad writing), but he finally starts to…… Continue reading Character Spotlight: Gavin Star

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Broken Wings Episode 4

Finally done, I really thought this episode would never happen. Anyways fangirls and boy, it’s showtime! So the cover was suppose to originally have him holding an umbrella, to kind of match the cover of episode 3, but Zione wasn’t having that. Oh well he’s a magic man, I guess. Now to make art and…… Continue reading Broken Wings Episode 4

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Free BL ebook

I’m  back to drawing now, the opening 3 scenes from Broken Wings issue 4, and don’t forget you can get Broken Wings 3 for free for the next few days. I’d like some feedback so far on the story so far, if anyone has time. I have about 3-4 pages left to draw, so it’s…… Continue reading Free BL ebook