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Inktober and Calendar

Here’s the October calendar. I’ve also decided to do a half-marathon for inktober, while I get my webcomics in order. You can follow my progress on instagram.  


Calendar and Post Momocon

was in a deadzone in the artist alley, so sales were meh.  The people who did come by were awesome though (so many lovely cosplayers) & as usual I was lucky to have wonderful artists sitting next to me. The next and last? con for this year will be the Grand Brony Gala. I may…… Continue reading Calendar and Post Momocon


March Calendar and Comics update

The magical cat boy story is finally up at smackjeeves and tapastic  So that makes four series I got going on.  I will catch up to CLAMP someday, as soon as I get my Time-Turner 🙂 Here’s a March Calendar of said  Cat boys. I will be at two conventions this month Altcon on 03/14 and Freecon on 03/28.…… Continue reading March Calendar and Comics update


See You Next Year!

Here’s a calendar for Jan 2015, if you need one.  See you next year the best is yet to come!