My Little Pony Fair

Going to be at the My Little Pony Fair on June 27th & 28th in Tampa, FL. Selling mostly pony related dolls & art. Hope to see you there

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Grand Brony Gala Next Week

Making final preparations for the con. I wasn’t procrastinating for a change I just got a lot of orders in my store in the last month 🙂 which are all going towards my computer fund.  I will be selling the usual, dolls, dog tags, stickers,  books and prints.  If you’re going, stop by and say…… Continue reading Grand Brony Gala Next Week

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2014 conventions

I am only confirmed for three so far. altcon  in April I’m already taking doll orders for anyone attending 🙂 Momocon in May grand galoping brony gala in August I’m waiting on  or trying for Ultracon still trying to get the funds for this one Freecon applied and waiting (fingers crossed) Metrocon Gli Expo application isn’t… Continue… Continue reading 2014 conventions

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Post Gli Expo and updates

Despite being clueless to what steampunk is, I had a great time and covered the table and food 🙂 Books and dolls cross all genres I guess. Everyone was super friendly, I was amazed by all the creativity,  and I didn’t run into the snobbery sometimes noobs face, so I definitely want to get more…… Continue reading Post Gli Expo and updates

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Conventions and Book Updates

Here is the con stuff so far Freecon status rejected for the artist alley, so I applied for a vendor table and waiting… Altcon status accepted, woo-hoo! I will be at table A-17, with books, art, dolls, etc. I will  put up a listing on Etsy, for anyone who wants to order dolls or commissions & pick…… Continue reading Conventions and Book Updates


Megacon 2012 Artist Alley

Back at megacon again I will be in the brown section at table 7. Still do not have a table partner,since my work is…scary?  But I will be selling books prints paper dolls stationary pins/charms commissions