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National Poetry Month 2018

Samples from two different projects. Blue is from a series of bishonen dolls based on colors.  Stardust is part of the Star Sea Ponies (working title) series.

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2017 is a go

Cause I was done with 2016 a long time ago. Updated the site design and focus. I will keep illustrating fiction of course, but I’ve gotten the most feedback when it comes to my dolls and doll related works.  Lots of people love dolls, myself included. I’m working on the next Dollytopia book. No name…… Continue reading 2017 is a go


Dead Computer :(

My computer is completed fried, but I still have my phone so look for art updates on which is linked to my tumblr  and twitter  these all feed into my rebelmouse page if you only want to go to one website. I will still be going  to the Grand Brony Gala in…… Continue reading Dead Computer 😦

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Conventions and Book Updates

Here is the con stuff so far Freecon status rejected for the artist alley, so I applied for a vendor table and waiting… Altcon status accepted, woo-hoo! I will be at table A-17, with books, art, dolls, etc. I will  put up a listing on Etsy, for anyone who wants to order dolls or commissions & pick…… Continue reading Conventions and Book Updates


January Dolly Round Up

Only two this month 😦 but I have bit more time now, before I have to start drawing again. So the Winter Princess Kimono Dolly and Rainbow Dash (which puts 1/2 way through the mane 6) I’ll have them up on Etsy in a couple of days.    


Doll of Winter

The story about this one is a heart that has been broken so many times it’s frozen, but could still thaw some day. I used pastels, soft pastels, and panpastels. I did the border with psp.

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2nd Izaya fan doll

I keep meaning to watch DRRR! since it’s so popular. Anyhoo got another commission for Izaya. I might try making dolls of all the characters from one show to challenge myself.  I like the process of translating characters into these tiny dolls.