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Prettyism Market Monday June 29 2015

I’m a little injured (it involved stitches and lots of tears) so I didn’t do as much as I wanted. I’ve added an old pic people liked to redbubble and finished some non pony fanart for the grand brony gala. I’ll have these as prints and dog tags, I really enjoyed painting them, hopefully other…… Continue reading Prettyism Market Monday June 29 2015

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Monday Marketplace June 15, 2015

Only have one new design up at redbubble I’m really happy they’ve added new products:) Mostly I’ve been doing fan art for the upcoming grand brony gala.  My fanart tags and prints are at     Working on…..  

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Grand Brony Gala Next Week

Making final preparations for the con. I wasn’t procrastinating for a change I just got a lot of orders in my store in the last month 🙂 which are all going towards my computer fund.  I will be selling the usual, dolls, dog tags, stickers,  books and prints.  If you’re going, stop by and say…… Continue reading Grand Brony Gala Next Week


Megacon 2012

Megacon 2012 was a blast! Once again I was blessed with awesome people next to me in the artist alley. Special thanks to Bryan and Kate and Josh and Rose and her mom 🙂 Also did some commissions,  the chibis won the day. They are very cute! Some artists I bought stuff from in no particular order…… Continue reading Megacon 2012

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2nd Izaya fan doll

I keep meaning to watch DRRR! since it’s so popular. Anyhoo got another commission for Izaya. I might try making dolls of all the characters from one show to challenge myself.  I like the process of translating characters into these tiny dolls.