Celestial Soldiers

I think I’ll be printing Edge of Dawn #1 this month. But I have school and Altcon to prep for.  I wanted this next volume to be more episodic, but it’s more like a long movie:/ For some reason I like really long names, so we have Celestial Soldier KnightWind, Celestial Soldier KnightRain, etc. The…… Continue reading Celestial Soldiers


Fractured Butterflies vid

Just in time for Halloween, the first chapter of Fractured Butterflies, “Your Bleeding Heart”. (For those who haven’t seen it.) I wanted to make it about 20% scarier though.


Twisted Fate video

This was made with WMM, a filmaker I am not 🙂 I’m still finishing this one, but I work full time and returned to school, and comics take a long time to make.

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Book Progress 07-22-2012

I’m still finishing up the light of day,  I have a full time job, so I my page rate is pretty low, and there were the re-writes to so I can end the series.