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Latest Doll Daisuke Emyr

Daisuke is the main character from Infinite Blossom. He likes sleeping, eating and fighting. I’m still working on the designs for his brother Chibale.

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April Calendar and Comics update

Some more pages of Infinite Blossom are up at tapastic, where things go from bad to worse… And here is the April calendar I meant to post Wednesday I’m finishing up Edge of Dawn and started the pages for the next Songbirds book. I should have both ready for Momocon, which is not… Continue… Continue reading April Calendar and Comics update


Magical Catboys

Infinite Blossom is finally up on the Kindle store after what feels like forever.  It’s about Chibale and Daisuke Emyr, two adorable catboys who live in the woods, and all the things that keep trying to capture or kill them.  Good times 🙂 The webcomic is also running at tapastic  


Webcomics Update, Dawn pages 18 and 19

Pages 18 & 19 of Edge of Dawn are up at smackjeeves.  I will post some more next week and take a break for Alt-con on March 14th.  Posting at Tapastic as well  

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Post Nano Updates

Drew 32 pages, 70 panels, and after a short break inked and shaded about 10 pages in November.  Also have about 8 pages left in the catboy story I’m drawing.  I can see why a lot of comics & manga are created by a team. I love writing, storyboarding, & drawing the story, but everything…… Continue reading Post Nano Updates


Celestial Soldiers

I think I’ll be printing Edge of Dawn #1 this month. But I have school and Altcon to prep for.  I wanted this next volume to be more episodic, but it’s more like a long movie:/ For some reason I like really long names, so we have Celestial Soldier KnightWind, Celestial Soldier KnightRain, etc. The…… Continue reading Celestial Soldiers

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Character Spotlight: Zione & Alan Tempest

Wrapping up the Songbirds Character spotlights, today. Zione Tempest is an outgoing and ambitious musician. He went from rags to riches when the Tempests adopted him at the age of 10. Since then he’s lived a very privileged life, there is literally nothing they couldn’t buy, except for the one thing he wants the most,…… Continue reading Character Spotlight: Zione & Alan Tempest

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Character Spotlight: Gavin Star

I don’t know if it’s possible to have two main characters for a story? Gavin Star tells the story for the most part through out the first Songbirds book, but Zione sets a lot of the events in action. Gavin is really passive at the beginning (I know bad writing), but he finally starts to…… Continue reading Character Spotlight: Gavin Star

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Character Spotlight: Nova Chiara

Wrapping up the Chiara family with Nova, Star’s twin brother. He doesn’t do much in the first book, since he’s deadish. In his past life, Nova ran the Silver Sun empire, handling the domestic aspects while Solar and Star dealt with the defense. Unlike Star, Nova is great with people and is always popular everywhere…… Continue reading Character Spotlight: Nova Chiara

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Character Spotlight: Solar Chiara

In the previous post, I noted that Solar Chiara is a true immortal, which made him (yes that’s a guy)  a target of demons and angels alike. Until Star and Nova were born, Solar had no one he could trust.  While he couldn’t be hurt physically, this took an emotion toll on him.  His quest…… Continue reading Character Spotlight: Solar Chiara