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Megacon Tampa Bay

I’ll be in the Megacon Tampa Bay artist alley at table at table A303. Thanks to Irma I didn’t have time to prepare. Stop by and see me any ways, we can talk about random fandom stuff.  


Megacon 2012

Megacon 2012 was a blast! Once again I was blessed with awesome people next to me in the artist alley. Special thanks to Bryan and Kate and Josh and Rose and her mom 🙂 Also did some commissions,  the chibis won the day. They are very cute! Some artists I bought stuff from in no particular order…… Continue reading Megacon 2012


Megacon 2012 Artist Alley

Back at megacon again I will be in the brown section at table 7. Still do not have a table partner,since my work is…scary?  But I will be selling books prints paper dolls stationary pins/charms commissions