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NanoWrimo 2017

I’m working on Dissonance this month, volume 5 of Songbirds. I’ve been putting it off because I get really into my stories, which takes an emotional toll.  The DreamTrack should give you idea of the over all tone.  You may want to grab some Kleenex.


November Calendar & Nanowrimo

Here’s your November calendar.  I’ll be spending nanowrimo prepping for the next 5 years of making comics. I want to finish Songbirds, but take care of a few other stories before giving my life over to that story.

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Post Nano Updates

Drew 32 pages, 70 panels, and after a short break inked and shaded about 10 pages in November.  Also have about 8 pages left in the catboy story I’m drawing.  I can see why a lot of comics & manga are created by a team. I love writing, storyboarding, & drawing the story, but everything…… Continue reading Post Nano Updates

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NanoMango or NanoWrimo, but comics…

rules are here I will start drawing Edge of Dawn, the next Legacy of Light installment.  The story picks up right after Zero Hour, with Mezine trying to help Star recover her memories.  We also go more indepth into the angel and demon factions who are all residing in Sunset.   And since I love…… Continue reading NanoMango or NanoWrimo, but comics…