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Happy Yaoi Day & August Calendar

Most of the Songbirds  books are free today on amazon kindle at  This is my most popular story by far.  Who knew so many people would want to read a mashup of Flowers in the Attic & Gravitation?   If you want to start at the beginning and suffer through my early art Fly Away…… Continue reading Happy Yaoi Day & August Calendar

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Character Spotlight: Zione & Alan Tempest

Wrapping up the Songbirds Character spotlights, today. Zione Tempest is an outgoing and ambitious musician. He went from rags to riches when the Tempests adopted him at the age of 10. Since then he’s lived a very privileged life, there is literally nothing they couldn’t buy, except for the one thing he wants the most,…… Continue reading Character Spotlight: Zione & Alan Tempest

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Broken Wings 3 preview

Beginning to see why Gavin doesn’t keep in touch with his brother, now -_- These are the first four pages, picking up right at the end of issue 2 where Trent continues to be charming (not) and clueless. Still not sure if issue 3 will be the final one for Broken Wings…


One Last Thing for Free

I think I’ve posted this everywhere now ^_^ One Last Thing, has a (very loose) theme based on the end of the world. If it all was about to end, is there anything you wished you’d said? So they are mostly lyrical love poems, which I know are bad, but I write what I…… Continue reading One Last Thing for Free

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Broken Wings Recap

Since I’m going to start working on issue 3 soon,  let’s get caught up with the story so far. Songbirds is inspired by Japanese BL and yaoi (if you don’t what that is, perhaps you’re lost?) and V.C. Andrews novels.  It is about the intense romantic relationship  between two  insanely pretty aspiring male singers.This story is…… Continue reading Broken Wings Recap