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Free Ebook Infinite Blossom

When his brother is lured into the forest by a mysterious voice, Daisuke must rescue Chibale from certain death, but that is only the beginning of the dangers that await them. These cat boys are about to find out why they have been hidden away their entire lives. Get ready for a neko tale full…… Continue reading Free Ebook Infinite Blossom


Magical Catboys

Infinite Blossom is finally up on the Kindle store after what feels like forever.  It’s about Chibale and Daisuke Emyr, two adorable catboys who live in the woods, and all the things that keep trying to capture or kill them.  Good times 🙂 The webcomic is also running at tapastic  

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NanoMango or NanoWrimo, but comics…

rules are here I will start drawing Edge of Dawn, the next Legacy of Light installment.  The story picks up right after Zero Hour, with Mezine trying to help Star recover her memories.  We also go more indepth into the angel and demon factions who are all residing in Sunset.   And since I love…… Continue reading NanoMango or NanoWrimo, but comics…

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Character Spotlight: Nova Chiara

Wrapping up the Chiara family with Nova, Star’s twin brother. He doesn’t do much in the first book, since he’s deadish. In his past life, Nova ran the Silver Sun empire, handling the domestic aspects while Solar and Star dealt with the defense. Unlike Star, Nova is great with people and is always popular everywhere…… Continue reading Character Spotlight: Nova Chiara

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Character Spotlight: Solar Chiara

In the previous post, I noted that Solar Chiara is a true immortal, which made him (yes that’s a guy)  a target of demons and angels alike. Until Star and Nova were born, Solar had no one he could trust.  While he couldn’t be hurt physically, this took an emotion toll on him.  His quest…… Continue reading Character Spotlight: Solar Chiara


Fractured Butterflies vid

Just in time for Halloween, the first chapter of Fractured Butterflies, “Your Bleeding Heart”. (For those who haven’t seen it.) I wanted to make it about 20% scarier though.


Twisted Fate video

This was made with WMM, a filmaker I am not 🙂 I’m still finishing this one, but I work full time and returned to school, and comics take a long time to make.

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Book Progress 07-22-2012

I’m still finishing up the light of day,  I have a full time job, so I my page rate is pretty low, and there were the re-writes to so I can end the series.


Magical Girl Knightrain

For people who haven’t read issue 2 of The Light of Day, this is Kimella once she’s transformed. Her element is water obviously. There will be more knights in the future.