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So it’s 2013? Broken Wings 3 cover

Haven’t updated in while, this is 1 of at least 2 posts for the month ūüôā But the best way to stay up to date with me is through twitter.¬†, since I ¬†can update from my phone. Broken Wings 3 is out on ¬†amazon.¬†for my 1 of 7 books for 2013. ¬†Gavin gets to…… Continue reading So it’s 2013? Broken Wings 3 cover

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Light of Day 3

Gonna disappear for a while to draw the final issue. 56 pages doesn’t seem like a lot, but I want it done before summer.(and¬†it takes a while for me to create pages) ¬† I have tried shorter processes for making comics, and was unhappy with the results. ¬†So I’ll spend the next couple of months…… Continue reading Light of Day 3