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Happy Yaoi Day & August Calendar

Most of the Songbirds  books are free today on amazon kindle at  This is my most popular story by far.  Who knew so many people would want to read a mashup of Flowers in the Attic & Gravitation?   If you want to start at the beginning and suffer through my early art Fly Away…… Continue reading Happy Yaoi Day & August Calendar

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Webcomics Weekend

I really didn’t think I’d update due to a death in the family, but apparently I can’t stop drawing… 4 more pages up at Smackjeeves or the mobile friendly tapastic We’ll definitely be seeing more of the obligatory rival band Dios in pages to come. Their lead singer sounds a lot like Gackt   We’ll…… Continue reading Webcomics Weekend


Calendar and Post Momocon

was in a deadzone in the artist alley, so sales were meh.  The people who did come by were awesome though (so many lovely cosplayers) & as usual I was lucky to have wonderful artists sitting next to me. The next and last? con for this year will be the Grand Brony Gala. I may…… Continue reading Calendar and Post Momocon

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Free Comic Book Day 2015 and May Calendar

 Here’s your May calendar. It’s Gavin and Zione from Songbirds, because I’m working on that series this month. Will  have some pages posted this soon. Follow my progress on instagram     Infinite Blossom is at    and Edge of Dawn is at Both these books will be available for free on May 2nd at the…… Continue reading Free Comic Book Day 2015 and May Calendar

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April Calendar and Comics update

Some more pages of Infinite Blossom are up at tapastic, where things go from bad to worse… And here is the April calendar I meant to post Wednesday I’m finishing up Edge of Dawn and started the pages for the next Songbirds book. I should have both ready for Momocon, which is not… Continue… Continue reading April Calendar and Comics update


March Calendar and Comics update

The magical cat boy story is finally up at smackjeeves and tapastic  So that makes four series I got going on.  I will catch up to CLAMP someday, as soon as I get my Time-Turner 🙂 Here’s a March Calendar of said  Cat boys. I will be at two conventions this month Altcon on 03/14 and Freecon on 03/28.…… Continue reading March Calendar and Comics update


Webcomics Update, Dawn pages 18 and 19

Pages 18 & 19 of Edge of Dawn are up at smackjeeves.  I will post some more next week and take a break for Alt-con on March 14th.  Posting at Tapastic as well  

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Momocon and new artbooks

Momocon is next week I’ll be at Green 24. I also released two artbooks (basically collections of art, poems and scenes) that are now on in the amazon kindle store.  I will have about 4 copies of each for the convention. I will also be selling dolls, stickers, and necklaces. Stop by and say hi…… Continue reading Momocon and new artbooks


Webcomics ?

My problem has always been I have a lot of story ideas and I draw way too slow, even when I’m healthy.  I was attending a panel, when one creator said he ended up at least doing storyboards for his ideas and putting them in binders, so I’ve been trying that out.  I’ve been using…… Continue reading Webcomics ?